About Friends of Shaffi Mather (FOS)

Friends of Shaffi Mather (FOS) is building on the movement / initiatives of Shaffi Mather by empowering communities across the Kerala / India / World to bring about our agenda of change.

Millions of youngsters are getting more and more involved in the political and social process ó many for the first time ó to fight for a new kind of politics and a better future for our State / Country / Planet. Those voices are enabling a new beginning ó a chance to pursue the real world change our State / Country / Planet needs. Friends of Shaffi Mather are working with him to accelerate the wind of change and strengthen the various initiatives led / inspired / founded / facilitated / catalyzed by him.

There are many ways to get involved:

Our task is enormous. To succeed, we'll need all committed Keralaites, Indians and World Citizens, no matter how they may have voted, what they believe in, where they are based, which field they work in to join us in the work ahead. If we set aside the old politics and societal barriers that have kept us apart, there's no limit to what we can achieve.

Together, we can take the first steps to transform Kerala into a high growth economy. We can provide all Keralite children the first rate education they deserve making them globally competitive. And we can finally guarantee high-quality, affordable health care to every Keralaite man, woman and child. And then build similar efforts across India and around the world. We shall try to do this on a self sustainable way while ensuring we carry every under privileged individual with us in making this effort truly universal and carrying the common man (Aam Aadmi) in our effort.


The best way to get involved in Friends of Shaffi Mather is to join our email list. We'll let you know about local events and send you all the information you'll need to organize around Shaffi Matherís agenda in your neighbourhood.

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