Ziqitza Health Care Limited (Dial 1298 for Ambulance), Mumbai, India (www.zhl.in)

Shaffi is the founder, original promoter and shareholder of Ziqitza Health Care Limited (Ambulance Access for All / Dial 1298 for Ambulance). It is an initiative started by a group of young professionals (Ravi Krishna, Sweta Mangal, Manish Sacheti and Naresh Jain) with a high degree of social and public commitment led by Shaffi Mather with the primary objective of rolling out a nationwide network of Life Support Ambulance Service accessible to anyone, anytime and anywhere through an easy to remember four digit telephone number. Today, ZHL has grown to be the Developing World's Largest 'for profit' Ambulance Service Company.

The project was setup in association with London Ambulance Service, a UK Government Agency, which has provided the processes, systems, protocols, training and project implementation assistance to ZHL. Investors in ZHL include Acumen Fund - world's leading Social Venture Fund, Envision Health Care Inc. (through Global Medical Response Inc.) - World's largest emergency care and ambulance service company, HDFC, IDFC and IVFA Principals - three of India's leading blue chip financial institutions.