Graduate & Undergraduate Courses, 21 Credits, April, 1991

Shaffi joined Indiana University, Bloomington in January, 1990 for one semester to do 21 credits of graduate and undergraduate courses to prepare for the MBA program and fulfill the requirement of 16 years of education for admission to the MBA program in US as he had completed the 3 year undergraduate B Com Degree in India. The five months spent at Indiana University, Bloomington helped Shaffi transition from the Indian education system to the US one while living in one of the best University campuses and campus towns in the United States.

Founded in 1820, IU Bloomington is the flagship campus of Indiana University’s eight campuses statewide. Innovation, creativity, and academic freedom are hallmarks of IU Bloomington and its world-class contributions in research and the arts. Thomas Gaines called the IU Bloomington campus one of the five most beautiful in the nation inThe Campus as a Work of Art. Most prospective students who see our campus apply for admission. Abundant trees, flowers, and Indiana limestone buildings dating back to the late nineteenth century cover the nearly 2,000 acres of campus. Dunn Woods, the Arboretum, and the Jordan River provide a natural laboratory and breathtaking scenery. Bloomington, Indiana, is the arts and cultural hub of the Midwest